About Us

The Everly is more than just a venue; we’re also staffed with an excellent team willing and able to partner with clients to guide, support, and develop their desired gathering.

Who We Are

A landlord who believed in an extraordinary building met a couple who dreamed of running a venue where people felt cherished and celebrated. The alignment of values sparked magic, and The Everly was born!

When Steve Passov purchased the building in Mentor, he envisioned a place where the community would gather in unique ways: A blank space where any kind of event could happen. Through the perfect sequence of events, he was connected to Meghan and Adam Delange, both with robust experience in the events and hospitality industry. The synchronicity was immediate. Little did Steve know that Meghan and Adam used to drive past the building and dream about making it their own.

This team was formed on an alignment of values, equipped with specialized skills, and focused on a new, shared mission:

To create a completely customizable space to the needs and vision of each client. The Everly team was intentional and selective as they surrounded themselves with preferred vendors who operate at the highest level, ensuring the quality of every facet of the gatherings to be held there.

With the business and property experience of Steve Passov and the hospitality qualifications of the DeLanges, excellence is always at the forefront. But as the chemistry has grown, the expansiveness of the dreams have too. The Everly is so much more than a venue. It’s a place to gather, to be seen and cared for, and to have a creative, wonderfully immersive experience every time.

Your event should be utterly unforgettable, deeply romantic, exquisitely beautiful, and entirely “you”.


To partner with our customers to create unique, personalized, highly creative events executed with excellence. To build a team that takes ownership of each event’s vision and pride in every detail. To be the first place people think of to create a wonderful gathering experience.


To be the premier location of choice for various unique gatherings and creative projects in Northeast Ohio.


Our mission is to create a space that is completely customizable to the needs and vision of each client. To create an environment where each guest feels immersed, connected, cared for, and impressed.



We seek to put people first and build relationships that help us understand people's needs, dreams, and vision for their event. We show up to assist each person in making The Everly their own experience.


The Everly is committed to providing a blank slate and total creative freedom to each customer. We have a chameleonic space that can adapt to become anything you can imagine, and we have a team ready to execute the vision with excellence.


We are polished. We have the A-Team. Actions and words matter. We have integrity, and you can count on us to do an incredible job for you. We pride ourselves in having an excellent, beautiful building and an excellent, execution-oriented team.


Our team has an eye for unique events, done very well, but we’re committed to inviting our customers into the process. We view each customer as a partner in making sure their experience represents them well and is as unique and wonderful as they are!


We know our staff. Character is crucial, and our team is not made up of “task-checkers” but of people invested in your vision. We want you to get to know our team and feel their commitment to excellence.

Hospitality / Hosting

We just want to make people feel comfortable, feel like a family, and create an atmosphere of having fun!